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Every journey we go on with a client is an opportunity to learn. And we’re always thinking about how to apply that knowledge to the next challenge or problem. You can read some of our thinking here. Consider how our way could help your organisation deal with change.

White Papers

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Accelerating procurement of software

Everyone loves an OJEU tender process. Yet as many as 85% of the people we speak to find flaws and problems along the way and often it doesn’t lead to the most effective buying decision. But there is another way to get better results, more quickly and easily.


Case studies

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Strategic thinking that is practical and understood

We are consistently asked by many of our to help ‘do quick piece of strategy work’ which always makes us…

Deep-dive service reviews and performance assessment

We have undertaken a number of focussed pieces of work that are primarily in response to poor Ofsted or inspection…

Single view of a child

Over an extended period, we provided the SME support and guidance to a London local authority’s internal information management function…

Residents self-service eMarketplace for Adult Social Care

We wrote the specification, led an accelerated procurement process and implemented an online eMarketplace ICT solution in Adult Services for…

Leading edge mobile app

We worked with the Environment and Communities Directorates at two London local authorities to design, and implement a leading edge…

Savings identification and delivery

At a unitary authority in the South West of England Worked we worked with the CYP Director and her 15…

‘My Care’ digital TOM

We worked with a London local authority to design a ‘My Care’ digital TOM that will introduce a holistic and…