What we do

Diagnosing Challenge

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At DC we change the story of your business or organisation for the better. Using our own adaptations of world-class consulting methods we define strategy, develop new organisational structures, design processes and implement performance cultures. We are results driven and so are the services we provide.

Our Process


Through service reviews and deep dives into your business, we’ll diagnose the root causes of your operational problems and identify key improvement opportunities.


Calling on our solid understanding of different operating models, commercial structures and best practice from around the country, we’ll create your strategy and designs so that these provide maximum return for minimum investment.


Plans need to be followed through all the way to the end to make sure outcomes are delivered. Our track record demonstrates our ability to successfully turn ideas into pragmatic actions that will achieve operational efficiencies, real savings and sustainable results.


Achieving your objectives through change requires leadership and co-ordination. We can provide the personnel to oversee the delivery of any programme of work or project to ensure it’s delivered on time, on budget and with full benefits achieved.


Lasting change requires both strategic and operational understanding. We possess a breadth of specialist knowledge and can access a wider professional network of SMEs should we need to bring in additional expertise.


Key to solving any business problem is understanding what drives, motivates and inspires the people involved. We help leadership teams manage stakeholder relationships through difficult periods of change.

We do this because we care. We operate in markets where our entrepreneurial ideas are driven by personal interest and a passion to make a social difference.

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We understand the public sector

In recent years the challenges faced by the Public Sector have increased both in number and intensity. Since the last election there has been much comment around just how sacred our public services are and the duty of Government to protect them. Local authorities have increasingly had to manage the conflict between financial constraints and the continuing need to deliver better services to those who rely on them most.

Change is difficult but inevitable. It’s part of an evolutionary lifecycle that ensures our communities receive the services they deserve. However to be sustainable, this change must be thought through. It should be deliberate, planned and managed. – All hands are required, not only to ensure the destination is reached, but also to see that nobody is lost overboard on the way.

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