Who we are

Driving Collaboration

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DC is a consultancy that delivers value through change. We work with local authorities and a growing number of private sector clients that operate within the public services domain. Our mission is clear: Local public services are changing. We make sure this change is designed coherently, developed collaboratively and delivered creatively.



DC was created to meet a new need in the Public Sector. Increasing financial constraints placed on local authorities meant a more engaging, more supportive and more dynamic management consultancy model was required. We provide top-tier advice and support in a way that’s affordable and sustainable for the sector.

Leadership & our people

DC was founded by change consultant, Demiray Oral. With over 10 years’ experience working as a senior advisor for two of the ‘big four’ professional services firms, he’s built a company where integrity, thinking outside of the box, and true client partnership permeate everything that we do.

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Every member of our team has experience delivering Public Sector change. From subject matter experts to transformation consultants, we’re ready to work alongside you to help your organisation transform. We do this by identifying your ideal destination and helping to plot a course. And then we go on the journey with you, steering everyone involved towards your goal.

Dem is DC’s founder and an independent advisor to public sector clients. He is passionate about developing and improving public services in ways that are sustainable for the future. A skilled facilitator, Dem is excellent at working with stakeholders to build trusted and credible relationships at all levels. He brings private-sector innovation and proven creativity to solve complex problems.


Demiray Oral

Managing Director

Agility and flexibility are key to our success. They’re also vitally important to yours. It’s why, at DC, we use a combination of both permanently employed and associate consultants. This model allows us to keep our overheads low and provide maximum value for money for our clients. It also means we can respond to your needs more quickly, and pull together teams with the knowledge or experience that suits your particular project.

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Our Values

What you can expect

What we ask of you


Honesty and transparency when providing advice or making recommendations. We’ll tell you exactly how it is, even though it may not be what you want to hear.



Openness to new ideas. In order to solve the problems you face, you may need to talk about things you weren’t expecting or accept recommendations that you would normally never consider.


Integrity and sensitivity when dealing with stakeholders. We understand that how something is communicated can often be as important as what is said.



A partnership approach to resolving issues and mitigating risks. We may need your help to manage difficult stakeholders or overcome any blocks that crop up.


We’ll be as responsive and accessible as possible. We’ll reply to emails and phone calls usually the same day, even on days we’re not working for you.



Accessibility and prioritisation of our meetings. We may only have a limited time on site. It’s important we maximise it with you.


Thoroughness and logic that is grounded in fact. We use triangulation to confirm our analysis is robust, so you can be confident in our work.



Acknowledgement of key emails so that we are able to maintain diligent and accurate project documentation for the purposes of audit.


A positive ‘can do’ attitude to emerging issues, risks and additional work. We’ll always do our best to address unexpected issues that fall outside of our agreed scope of work – only seeking extra funds when absolutely necessary.



A professional and responsible attitude to project management considerations. We ask for prompt email confirmation whenever you’ve reviewed or signed-off important documents or decisions.


The transfer of knowledge and experience. We’ll work in close partnership with your team so we can share our knowledge and leave a sustainable legacy.



Respect our people and our contribution. We ask for timely payment of our invoices so that we can pay our teams for the difference they’re making to your organisation.


What’s your story?

Our stories are the driving force behind our passion. They explain why we do what we do, and why we make the important decision to change. At DC we like to set out on our voyage together by getting to know your story. Because by understanding your motivations, we can also begin to instinctively understand the outcomes you’re looking for. And then we become part of your story – our goals become shared, and your destination becomes our destination.

Our story at DC is made up of the journeys we have been on with all of our clients. We’ve worked with central government departments and more than 50 local authorities and organisations operating in the Public Sector. We’ve delivered our services in a range of capacities, ranging from merely advisory to thoroughly hands-on. What can we do for you?

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