• Delivering Change
  • Diagnosing Challenge
  • Directing Creativity
  • Defining Concepts
  • Designing Campaigns
  • Demonstrating Control
  • Driving Collaboration
  • Developing Capability
  • Determining Culture
  • Dreaming Constantly
  • Doral Consulting

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At DC we overcome complexity, remove uncertainty and provide valuable insights to successfully steer public sector organisations through business transformation and change.

How we
deliver change

We have helped 40+ local councils embrace change.

Our areas
of expertise

Adult Social Care and Health

Local authorities and health bodies can’t keep pace with the changing needs of those who use their services. We encourage clients to re-evaluate their position within the broader health economy, and to rethink their Target Operating Model so that it better aligns with their vision and objectives.


The traditional interventionist approach to safeguarding children and families from risk delivers inconsistent results. We’ve designed more reliable models that apply ‘demand management’ principles. By establishing these processes across all partners, we’re reducing the need for ‘interventions’ in the long term.

Community and
the Environment

Just as the public is encouraged to ‘act digitally’ to report issues such as fly tipping, anti-social behaviour and potholes in the road, we’re working with local councils to introduce front-line technology that will change the way their services respond to the growing pressure to keep our environment clean and safe.

Corporate Resources

The phrase ‘do more with less’ is becoming the norm in the Public Sector. Yet the complexities involved can render a local council unable to fulfil its basic objective: serving residents. Our teams help organisations look inwards to make decisions, drive efficiency and implement a change agenda that actually works.

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